Nail Treatments
Nail Care & Acrylics to Amazing 3D Nail Art

Whether you are up for just a quick color change or a complete hand care package, Beauty by Bow offers it all! We use top of the line products selected for their outstanding qualities and consistent results.

We offer everything from Paraffin Wax Treatments that will bliss you out to an unending variety of nail art for any occasion. We even have nail art specifically designed for kids. All our services are offered to men, women and children. Make your time at the salon a family adventure!

Nail Art at Beauty by Bow Salon Phuket
Manicure at Beauty by Bow Salon Phuket


Our manicures include soaking your hands in a gentle cleanser/moisturizer, shaping the nails, and color applied to your nails if desired. Hand massages are also included.

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Pedicure at Beauty by Bow Salon Phuket


Similar to our manicure, your feet will be soaked in a gentle cleanser/moisturizer, shaping the nails, a leg massage and color applied to your toenails if desired.

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Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails can be applied in three ways. We offer pre-made full nails that are glued over your existing nails and then filed to the size and shape you desire. We offer pre-made tips that are added to your existing nails and shaped as you wish. We also can “build” your nails with an acrylic base, starting from your cuticle and make them as long or short as you desire, with the shape also being personalized to your whims of fancy! If your existing acrylic nails are growing out, we also do fills. If you have acrylic nails and no longer want them, we can remove them.

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Acrylic Nails at Beauty by Bow Salon Phuket
Shellac Nails at Beauty by Bow Salon Phuket

Gel Nails

We use Shellac Gel Color which is a specially formulated gel polish that goes on quickly, dries instantly and is then “cured” under an ultraviolet light. It lasts up to 14 days or longer without chipping. Best of all: you get a beautiful “mirror” finish!

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Nail Color Change or Enhancement

We can take off old nail polish and apply new or apply one of the 76 runway inspired colors from Vinylux or create a new design on top of your existing polish.

Nail Art

We provide a wide variety of nail art, including hand painted designs, and various “effects” from glitter to decals!

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Nail Colour Art at Beauty by Bow Salon Phuket

Bridal Nails

For your special day we can hand paint special designs on your nails, apply small pieces of lace and/or apply small pearls, rhinestones or beads.

3D Designs

We can use specially formulated acrylics and polish to “build up” 3D designs on your nails or can attach pre-made 3D designs from flowers to diamonds

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Bridal and 3D Nails at Beauty by Bow Salon Phuket
Paraffin Treatment at Beauty by Bow Salon Phuket

Paraffin Treatments

First, we start with a special paraffin wax that is mineral based. It melts at a low temperature allowing you to comfortably immerse your hands or feet for a warm, relaxing experience. While you sit back and enjoy the treatment, your hands or feet are being deeply moisturized. The end result is soft, smooth skin that looks and feels great! If your feet or hands are chapped from the weather, treat them to this very healing experience.

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Nail Accessories

We sell nail polish, gel, files, nail clippers, nail buffers, cuticle cutters, and cuticle pushers, nail decals, 3D nail art you can apply yourself and manicure kits for your home.

Vinylux Nail Polish


Week Long Wear (Really!)™ Fast-Drying, Two-Step Application, Increased Durability with Natural Light, 76 Fashion Shades