Hair Cuts & Styling
Hair Cuts, Colors, Highlights & Curls

Beauty by Bow believes in the philosophy of communication. No where is this more important than when your talking with your stylist. We communicate with each and every customer to make sure that what you desire is right for you and ultimately achieved. From Hair Cuts and Colors to Highlights and Curls, Beauty by Bow will provide hair service to provide you with a cutting edge look.

Getting a haircut is a personal experience. And no matter what we're doing from a simple trim to a full re-style it is important to achieve a look that you are happy with. But our aim isn't just for your to be happy, we want you to feel amazing with your new or refreshed look.

Women and Mens Hair Cuts at Beauty by Bow Salon

Hair Cuts & Styling

Whether you are a woman or a man wanting a simple trim to full-restyle, getting a great looking hair cut can make a real difference to your day to day living. In order to end up with a really good-looking haircut, it is a best to know which styles suit the shape of your face, your overall head shape, your hairline, and your facial features in addition to your lifestyle. Professional stylists at Beauty by Bow can help find the perfect balance of what style you want and what will look best for you, achieved through consultation with trained, experienced stylists.

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Hair Cuts and Styling at Beauty by Bow Salon
Hair Colour at Beauty by Bow Salon Phuket

Hair Color

If you are looking for something new and exciting for your hair style, there is always the option of color. A range of trendy hairstyles may just be quick a rinse away. The current color of your hair will have an effect on the new color once dyed. If you are looking to match a particular color, our expert techniques using L'Oreal products can create a shade just right for you from semi-permanent to permanent color.

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Hair Highlights at Beauty by Bow Salon Phuket

Hair Highlights

Highlights work best on layered hair cuts to emphasize the colors and add extra dimension to your hair. Whether it is lightning or color shading Beauty by bow can help you select the best highlights for your hair color to create the styled look you can only get from a professional hair salon.

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Healthy Hair

The key to great looking natural hair is healthy hair. Its a s simple as that. Although this can be a challenge on Phuket, as its easy to succumb to tangles and damage from the sun and heat. That's why in addition to using the correct hair products for your type of hair on a day to day basis, you should also revitalize your hair every so often. Our serum products revitalize and repair your hair to give it that healthy look and shine you desire while protecting each hair strand with a layer that reduces the damaging effects of the sun & heat in Phuket.

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Healthy Hair Treatments with Beauty by Bow

Special Events

Special Event Styling at Beauty by Bow Salon

Weddings , Photo Shoots, Anniversaries…

We believe you don’t need an excuse to look and feel beautiful every day, but there are some events in all our lives that are so important it just makes sense to bring in hair and make-up professionals. Our full time stylists and make-up team provide a professional service using top brand name products like MAC.

Wedding parties are our specialty. Beauty by bow can provide both hair styling and make-up your entire bridal party. But as the bride you will always be the center of attention on your wedding day (and quite rightly too). We work with you to achieve the style you’re looking for and our highly trained staff know how and when to accentuate your facial features, working with the natural subtle highlights in your complexion, ensuring that on your big day we achieve a truly natural look to suits the occasion.

The Beauty by Bow team are available for on site visits, to your hotel or villa for your wedding day, photo shoot, birthday or anniversary. But if you are just looking to treat yourself to a makeover, you can always drop by our salon for a makeup session. When you leave you will look and feel like a million dollars.

You can call to make an appointment or contact us to discuss an upcoming event, or just pop in to Beauty by Bow Salon located in Tinlay Place, Chergntalay, we’re open 7 days a week from 10am to 9pm. And always look forward to helping you make any day a special day.

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Phuket Bridal Makeup by Beauty by Bow Salon
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